Kauai pow wow

Reader Photos: The Kauai Pow Wow


Pow Wows are always beautiful events, so a pow wow on the gorgeous Hawaiian island of Kauai is nothing short of overwhelming. Kauai, one of the eight main islands in the Hawaiian island chain, is shaped like a heart, leading Kauaians to claim it as the heart of the Pacific ocean, thanks not only to its shape, but to "Aloha nui loa," or 'very open heart' of the indigenous island people.  Thanks to Dr. Kani Blackwell, the president of the Kauai pow wow council (KPC), we have photos to show how beautiful the island, and the pow wow, truly are.

The Kauai pow wow council is a 501(c)3 organization completely made up of volunteers. The Board of Directors as well as many members of the Kauai Powwow Council (KPC), represent many Native American Indian Nations as well as the Native Hawaiian Nation.

The KPC's stated purpose, which we found on their website, is the "promotion of cultural and family values through exchange and education in an alcohol/drug-free environment. To provide an educational outreach to local school children and teachers, K-12 schools and universities. The development of Kauai-based events for family and visitors to our island.
Exchange of Native American Indian cultures and traditions with the Native Hawaiian culture and population, along with other local cultures."

A dancer at the Kauai annual pow wow in 2011

KPC offers a place for unity to the Native American Indian Community, holding monthly meetings and being involved in many community events and educational projects throughout the year. The KPC also does inter-island traveling to participate in other pow wows that occur twice a year.

The KPC's main event is the annual pow wow held in the month of September or October every year since 1997 (with the exception of 2001 & 2010). The annual pow wow also includes an educational and cultural outreach program offered to the entire population of school-aged children on the island of Kauai.

A man and his daughter dance together

For more information on the KPC, please click here.

Do you have some fantastic pow wow photos you'd like to share with us?  Please do, and email them to editor@ictmn.com!

The school outreach program is a large part of KPC's efforts

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