Pictured, from left, are Stan Holder, Kristina Stine, Amber Tucker and Tyrone Lewis. They are all Environmental Protection Agency Region 7 employees and graduates of Haskell Indian Nations University.

Tribal College and EPA Join Forces to Promote Environmental Careers


The Environmental Protection Agency and Haskell Indian Nations University plan on partnering to support Native American students who are interested in pursuing environmental and scientific careers.

“EPA wants to increase Haskell University’s awareness of federal opportunities while helping to create an environmentally conscious campus through student-led initiatives,” reads a press release. “The agreement also focuses on student employment and volunteer programs, research participation, lectures and seminars on environmental issues, and community outreach.”

Haskell and EPA officials will be signing the agreement on Wednesday, February 1 at Haskell, which is a tribal college in Lawrence, Kansas that enrolls more than 1,000 Native American and Alaska Native students every year.

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