Eyes on the Sky to Watch the Moon Tango with Jupiter Sunday and Monday Nights


Sunday January 29 and Monday January 30 are the nights to see the moon flirt with Jupiter, our solar system’s largest planet.

Last month, around Christmas, the moon danced with Venus, the other brightest object in the sky along with Jupiter. This time, according to Space.com, the moon will look as if it’s sliding past Jupiter, appearing to travel east at its own width each hour. Around 9 p.m. local time is the instant to watch for.

Those with access to a telescope, or to seven-power-magnification binoculars, will be able to spot two of Jupiter’s moons, Ganymede and Callisto on one side of the gas giant, with Io and Europa on the other. On Monday evening it will be three and two, Ganymede, Io and Europa, and a solo Callisto, respectively.

Earlier this month the moon dazzled skywatchers by appearing just above Jupiter, as Space.com reported. January, not February, appears to be the month of love for these two.

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