Sherman Alexie Says Arizona Has Made Native Books Sacred

Sherman Alexie Says Arizona Has Made Native Books Sacred


Sherman Alexie threw his two cents into the Tucson book ban and ethnic studies ban in Arizona recently on The Progressive website. He says that by banning books, the state has made them "sacred documents."

"In the effort to vanish our books, Arizona has actually given them enormous power. Arizona has made our books sacred documents now."

Read his full comment at

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tmsyr11's picture
Submitted by tmsyr11 on
what has Shermen Alexie on his own other than jump on this manufactured band-wagon of La Raza Hate and Discontentment with non-La Raza standards?

zelbe1's picture
Submitted by zelbe1 on
He's right! By banning books about indigenous and Latino cultures, it will backfire into book clubs born specifically out of a racist agenda. Sherman Alexie has been pushing for more book reading over the popular audiobooks trend, but this latest movement by an AZ school system only fuels this cause.

zelbe1's picture
Submitted by zelbe1 on
What does La Raza have to do with book banning? Did they ban books too? Or are they part of a movement to save book reading as Alexie is doing? Where's the connection?