Andrew Jackson Twenty Dollar Bill by Steve Judd

Steven Judd Has Change for a Twenty. And a Ten and a Hundred...


When we profiled filmmaker Steven Judd in December we covered a lot of his artistic ventures, but not all of them. Not by a longshot -- Judd seems to be in a constant state of creativity and motion, and we recommend periodic visits to his Facebook "My Art" Gallery.

In this series, Judd has re-imagined American currency; in a way, he's also re-imagining the historical figures that adorn it. Ben Franklin and Alexander Hamilton (below) make pretty good Indians, it turns out. But an Indian-ized $20 bill (above) is inevitably the most irony-laden; Andrew Jackson, author of the Indian Removal Act, gets many a Native's vote for Worst. President. Ever.

Here's Judd's own statement on that particular bill:

"For those that don't know andrew jackson's views on Indigenous people, I encourage you to read up on it. Start with the Indian Removal Act. I'm NOT putting a head dress on him, I'm just trying to make it look like it's a Native, gave him brown skin etc. done with India ink and colored pencils - Steven Paul Judd"

Ten and 100 dollar bills altered by Steve Judd

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rosemarymeling's picture
Submitted by rosemarymeling on
I like these "adaptations." I have never understood how Andrew Jackson could adopt a Cherokee son and still order the Cherokee onto the Trail of Tears.