Taiwanese animators from Next Media Animation made this Super Bowl preview

Bizarre Animated Taiwanese Super Bowl Preview Shows Patriots Kicking Indian


Of the countless Super Bowl previews you could see today on all the major networks, ESPN, the NFL Network, your local affiliates, we promise you, you won't one quite like this.

This bizarre animated video from the Taiwanese company Next Media Animation is a 'preview' of today's Super Bowl match between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants that takes creative license with, well, everything.

At the 38-second mark is where things get really weird. The video makes mention of the Patriots' infamous cheating scandal (they were caught taping opposing teams practices) and their penchant for running up the score on opposing teams (as they did to the Kansas City Chiefs this year, in a 34-3 drubbing).   The way Next Media Animation chose to portray the Patriots running up said score against the Chiefs?  By kicking an animated American Indian who's prostrate on the ground.

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bintdeeb's picture
Submitted by bintdeeb on
Bizarre beyond words. Not only for the kicking the animated Indian scene. What were they thinking?

bootanner's picture
Submitted by bootanner on
The Taiwanese of all people should understand the role of being the oppressed, as they were colonized by both Japan and China. SMH