Police Linked to ‘Human Safaris’ in Latest Video

Police Linked to ‘Human Safaris’ in Latest Video


When a video hit the Internet recently of tourists offering food to members of the indigenous Jarawa Tribe on the Andaman Islands in India as a reward for their dancing, attention was brought to a new high on an issue that has been going on since the 1800s.

Survival International who first reported the “human safaris” involving the Jarawa, have been fighting for a stronger crackdown on the tourist companies using the illegal road cutting through the Jarawa tribe’s reserve and hopes of closing it.

As the tensions mount in the scandal, MP Andrew George presented the House of Commons of the British Parliament with a motion calling for the close of the road according to a Survival press release. The announcement comes just as the British newspaper The Observer released two videos they obtained showing police watching and recording Jarawa women dancing.

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