Moana Ofahengaue, 6-foot-4-inch, 200-pound strong-side defensive end/outside linebacker. He has FAE (Father) and TAMAI (Mother) written on his face

High School Football Star Moana Ofahengaue Chooses University of Utah


Moana Ofahengaue, the Polynesian defensive dynamo from Saratoga Springs, Utah, has decided to ply his trade, crushing opposing quarterbacks, running backs and receivers, for his home state.  The Westlake High Senior will be playing ball for the University of Utah, eschewing Arizona, BYU and California.

The 6-foot-4-inch, 200-pound strong side defensive end/outside linebacker was one of the 100 elite high school football players from across the country chosen to play in the All-American Bowl on January 3 in Phoenix.

Ofanhengaue, talking to back in January about the schools courting him, “They’re all about equal right now. I’m not favoring anybody or leaning toward anyone."  Although academics was the biggest factor affecting his choice, Ofahengaue said, “Mostly I am just going to go off instinct, what the campus feels like when I am there and how I like it.” It’s his gridiron instincts that have NCAA coaches lining up to make their pitches.

His instinct has kept him close to home, where the U. of Utah's Utes will now have this new weapon to use to terrorize opposing offenses.  Now that the University of Utah is a member of the Pac-12 Conference, Ofanhengaue will be chasing players on teams he could have chosen, such as Arizona and Cal.

Something tells us they'll wish he was he on their team.

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