Students, faculty and staff, and dignitaries gathered for the ceremonial blessing of the marker led by Rudi Mitchell, professor of Native American Studies at Creighton. Mitchell is a member of the Buffalo Clan of the Omaha Nation.

Creighton University Honors Native American Partners


Creighton University recently dedicated a Nebraska Historical Marker to document the presence of Native Americans in the area around what is now Omaha.

Native populations lived in the area for some 12,000 years before the university was established. In a release, the university said it wanted to honor its continuing relationship with Native Americans in the area.

Rudi Mitchell, a Native American studies professor at Creighton, conducted a special memorial prayer ceremony. Mitchell, a member of the Buffalo Clan of the Omaha Nation, prayed for Indians who lived and died in the area of the campus.

“Not only does the campus have anthropologic roots with our Native American partners, we remain committed to advocacy outreach programs and resources to support our neighbors,” Patrick J. Borchers, vice president for Academic Affairs, said in the release.

“The sign speaks of history and relationships—Native peoples and Jesuits…ongoing relationships,” said Raymond Bucko, professor of anthropology at Creighton. “It is meant to recognize and help confirm our history and encourage our commitment to working together as we move forward.”

There are six federally recognized tribal nations in the state of Nebraska, they include the Iowa Tribe (Kansas and Nebraska), the Omaha Tribe of Nebraska, the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska, the Sac and Fox Nation of Missouri (Kansas and Nebraska), the Santee Sioux Nation, and the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska.

Check out what Creighton’s Native American Center has to offer online.

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