Kaylee Reynolds, 15, has been chosen as Youth of the Year. She's seen here in a sweatshirt with her high school's mascot. It says Ogichidaag, which is Ojibwe for warriors.

Red Lake Nation Youth of the Year Chosen


Kaylee Reynolds, 15, was recently selected as Youth of the Year for the Red Lake Nation Boys & Girls Club.

“[Kaylee] Reynolds is a true example of an extraordinary young woman recognized by Boys & Girls Clubs of America for her sound character, leadership skills and willingness to give back to the community,” states a press release.

She is now eligible to compete against other Boys & Girls Club of American (BGCA) members for the title of Minnesota Youth of the Year and a $1,000 college scholarship. If she wins that she’ll be eligible to compete to be Midwest Region Youth of the Year, a title that comes with a scholarship of $10,000.

“Kaylee will represent our club well as she is an outstanding member,” said Dawn Huseby, executive director of the Red Lake Nation Boys & Girls Club, in a release.

Being chosen as Youth of the Year is the highest honor bestowed upon BGCA members. It recognizes outstanding contributions to the youth’s family, school, community and club.

Kaylee, a sophomore at Red Lake High School in Red Lake, Minnesota, hasn’t settled on where she’d like to attend college yet, but she enjoys math and writing.

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