Trick or treat!

Halloween With the Romney Clan


Buzzfeed blogger McKay Coppins delves into the "mommy blog" of Mary Romney, daughter in law of Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney. On the blog, titled "Me & My Boys," Mary presents stories from family life—at least, that's how McKay Coppins describes it. Access to the blog seems to be restricted at the moment—we had no luck accessing There are also pictures, several of which Coppins managed to snag.

Gawker has honed in on this one, which is of interest to us as well, with a post titled "What is Mary Romney Dressed Up as in this Picture?" and goes on to speculate:

A brief survey of the Gawker office yielded the following guesses:

• Pocahontas

• "Girl who lives in Williamsburg circa 2009"

Mountain Meadows massacre participant

• Native American

• Something from a Stephenie Meyer novel

• Brunette hippie (Mary is usually blonde)

(Craig Romney, incidentally, is dressed as his dad.)

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ppmickey's picture
Submitted by ppmickey on
I'm only 1/8th Cherokee and didn't "dress up" as a Native American for Halloween, ever. Is she part Native American? If she is, she should disclose this. Otherwise, who is she trying to portray? Good question.

ndncountry's picture
Submitted by ndncountry on
ok why is this wrong and the mardi gras "Indians"tolerable can someone please explain this.

ndncountry's picture
Submitted by ndncountry on
Maybe My question was misunderstood the article about the mardi gras "indians" seems to glorified and accepted and the Romney woman is chastised for her dress which can be identified as representing several different attires.While the mardi gras "Indians" are clearly a caricature of traditional Indian heritage

hontasfarmer's picture
Submitted by hontasfarmer on
The short answer is that if you understand the history of New Orleans, and the French New World a bit you will see that they are not just a caricature. While, barring at least some relation to pocahontas/virginia indians Ms Romney is really just play acting. The long answer means looking at the origins of Creole culture...of which the Mardigras Indians are a part. Consider Haiti. In Haiti they do the same thing as the Mardi Gras Indians. But their regalia does not remotely look like anything from the continent. They claim they are preserving traditions of Hispaniola's original inhabitants with whom they identify. The Haitian people are in part the product of communities of mixed Taino and African (and some French) people. Even the name of Haiti was what they Taino called the island. The dominant language there "Kreyole" is a mixture of African languages, French and some Taino language. The people of New Orleans are in part literally "imports" from Haiti. The rest were brought into Lousiana and it's surroundings at a time when there were Indians around. Some of those people mixed with local Amerindians. Out of this cultural melting pot came some people who have varying degrees of African and European features, but who want to remember and identify with their Native roots as well. That is mostly because in some cases they are the only descendants of tribes that have died out or been killed off (such as in Haiti). (One famous example of such a person would be Beyonce Knowles. She is a Louisana Creole). Now Ms. Romney's dressing up is something else. On the one hand she is dressing up on Halloween which makes it likely she is just "playing indian". On the other hand suppose her family, like a certain percentage of whites claims some Pocahontas descent. Who gets to say they can't dress up if they want to? The Mattaponi, the Pamunkey (Pocahontas's tribe(s))? Who owns that right?

ndncountry's picture
Submitted by ndncountry on
Hmmm so what you are saying is as long as anyone has a minute amount of Indian blood in them and even if they do not know what tribe they are from or what they're traditional culture is. It is ok to make a mockery of Indians.Some Indians do not use feathers in their attire.So do these Mardi Gras Indians that do not know what tribe they originated from have a right to mock the Indians that use feathers for their ceremonies.