Jan Brewer Endorses Romney on Meet The Press

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer Not Attending Obama’s Dinner, Endorses Romney


Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer says she has prior engagements tonight, so she won’t be attending President Barack Obama’s White House dinner for the nation’s governor according to an interview with NBC’s David Gregory on Meet The Press.

Just over a month after the Brewer Obama tarmac confrontation, Brewer hopes her not attending the event won’t be seen as disrespectful to the office of the President. While on the show Brewer said, “I would not disrespect the president of the United States. I have other commitments.”

She did say she will attend the business meeting scheduled for Monday according to an USA Today article.

While on the show, she made her Republican presidential candidate endorsement known as she announced she was backing former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney in Tuesday’s primary in Arizona. According to an article in the Boston Herald Brewer said she looked at all the candidates and that Romney’s business background appealed to her.

“I think he’d serve Americans the best of all the candidates,” she said.

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Submitted by pstago on
Arizona is a "severly" redneck state. Gov. Brewer can choose not to attend the Obama's diner. That's OK! There are more "Indians" here in Arizona and almost 1/3 of the state is "Indian Country". All the tribal leaders should get to togeter a have a political submit in Phoenix. Together and united we can decide who is going to be our next governor and the President of the US. I urge all the "Indian People" in Arizona to unite and vote all the Republicans out. Romney hasn't got a chance to win anyway. He is "no-match" for Obama.