This was likely a bluff charge to scare away what the bear perceived as a threat to his fishing spot

Grizzly Bear Charges Tourists, Who Are Forced to Remain Perfectly Still


Imagine watching an eight-foot-tall, 500-pound grizzly bear charge you and being forced to remain perfectly still and utterly silent.  This is what happened to a group of 10 tourists who were visiting Katmai National Park in Alaska, who had only hours before taken a safety class in which they were instructed, in the case of a Grizzly charge, to remain still and quiet so they wouldn't provoke the bear further.  They were as good as their lessons, and their resolve may have just saved their lives. No one was hurt.

ABC News reports that the grizzly was expressing its frustration with the 10 photo-snapping tourists who were in the middle of a four-hour sightseeing tour of the park.  "This particular bear circled our group several times, wanting us to leave his fishing spot," Larry Griffith, one of the tourists on the trip told ABC News. "Our guide said he saw this as a bluff charge, trying to scare us away."

To make matters even more intense, the bear appeared drawn to the smell of one of the their sweatshirts, and came within three feet of the group to investigate it with a sniff. The tour was operated by Bald Mountain Air Service, out of Homer, Alaska.  On their site they state that their special aircraft allows their tour groups to "occupy viewing sites that would otherwise be inaccessible."  Perhaps they'll make a note of this particular site going forward.

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Potential for a death by Alaska story by Dana Stabenow. It could just as easily have been Luck rather than following their training instructions.