This is Corey LeClaire, backed up by the Southern Guns Singers, from the 2012 Strong Hearts Pow Wow

Watch This Incredible Spotlight Dance Video From the 2012 Yuma Strong Hearts Pow Wow


The Yuma Sun reported on the 32n Annual Strong Hearts Pow Wow in Arizona that was held this past weekend.  There was Quechan tribal singing and dancing, Gourd dancing, live music, kachinas, basket weaving, painting, ceramics, and arts and crafts to name a few of the fun activities going on.

What caught our eye was this video, uploaded by AmigoKandu on YouTube, of a 'spotlight dance' featuring Corey LeClaire, with the song by the Southern Gun Singers.  It's a beautiful sight.

Do you have any fantastic pow wow videos?  If so, and you'd like to see them featured here at Indian Country Today Media Network, send us a YouTube or Vimeo link to

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