A Tribute to Native Women on International Women's Day


Today is International Women's Day, and while it would be impossible to give proper thanks to all the Native women who deserve it, this YouTube video is a start. "This is a special video dedicated to the women who have guided, are guiding, and will guide, the peoples of their native cultures," reads the video's description. "History tried to erase them, but their spirits continue to endure."

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Babs Stapleton's picture
Babs Stapleton
Submitted by Babs Stapleton on
This is an amazing, incredible tribute and I shall treasure my download and pass it along to Native American friends. THANK YOU>>>>

Shirley Bagley.'s picture
Shirley Bagley.
Submitted by Shirley Bagley. on
I have read of the terrible things done to women by the "white man?" I feel shame that such things were done and that even now the true Native Americans are still having to fight for their rightful heritage. I am English but in my heart I have always believed in your Chiefs words and am a Pagan who also reveres the Mother Earth that gives us Life. Blessings to you all.

SueAnn N.'s picture
SueAnn N.
Submitted by SueAnn N. on
We are all stronge in our own special way. To honor the strength of women, and our contributions to our family, society, and the world is a very good form of remembrance of who we are, where we came from, and how far we have come.

Sandra M Cardinal-Tipler's picture
Sandra M Cardin...
Submitted by Sandra M Cardin... on
I don't know about them fighting a long side with the men. They must have been tough just like the men.

ldone's picture
Submitted by ldone on
This a beautiful tribute. These Native American women are strong and beautiful. What a beautiful gift of knowledge they gave to the American people.