Prescott, Arizona, received a foot of snowfall on Sunday.

Massive Snowstorm Hits San Francisco Peaks and Arizona Snowbowl


The Arizona Snowbowl ski area has a problem, as we've reported before—not enough snow. And the solution proposed has been to make snow from reclaimed waste water, like what you flush down your toilet, and spray it on mountain peaks considered sacred by several Indian tribes.

So it's a little ironic that, as the fight goes on, Snowbowl and the San Francisco Peaks were among the areas buried in snow on the penultimate day of winter. The Snowbowl saw an accumulation of three feet, according to a UPI report, which was significant but well short of the more-than five feet that piled up in other parts of Arizona's high country. The weather prompted the state to close 180 miles of Interstate 40. Northern and western New Mexico were also hard hit by the storm.

"The other day it was 65 degrees, next day it is snowing, so it's been crazy," said Brandon Neuman, who posted a much-viewed time-lapse video to CNN (below). "It killed a lot of people's travel plans because the highways are a mess."

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Submitted by ikwewe on
That will teach them to threaten the Peaks with reclaimed water. Note, reclaimed water is not just like what we flush down the toilet. It has been treated to remove solids and some impurities, as regulated by the state where the reclaimed water is to be used. Arizona has two classes of reclaimed water. It would be interesting to find out which was to be used to make snow and what impurities could still be expected.