Bison return to Fort Peck Reservation

Montana Judge Issues Restraining Order Against Further Bison Transfers


Just days ago, American Indians of the Fort Peck Indian Reservation joyously welcomed 62 pure strain buffalo transferred from Yellowstone National Park.

A story on the event posted to this site earlier today quoted numerous sources -- some Indians, some not -- who saw the transfer as a long overdue restoration. Said Iris Grey Bull, a Sioux member from Fort Peck, "This is a historical moment for us. We’re rebuilding our lives. We’re healing from historical trauma."

In remarks delivered at the release site near Poplar, Montana, Governor Brian Schweitzer described buffalo as "the heart and soul of the Indian people," and touted the return of "that symbol of pride, not only of the Indian people but this entire country."

But some local ranchers were not so thrilled, and sought a restraining order to block the transfer as soon as they got wind of it. Their first effort was denied -- the bison were moved, as scheduled -- but a second try at thwarting the spread of buffalo has met with some success.

According to an AP report, a judge today issued a restraining order that forbids further relocations of buffalo. Those already brought to Fort Peck will not be sent back to Yellowstone. But the plan to move about half of them to the Fort Belknap Reservation is now on hold, and dozens of bison temporarily quartered at Ted Turner's ranch near Bozeman, Montana, look to be staying on the media mogul's property a bit longer than expected.

A hearing has been scheduled for April 11.

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notnek's picture
Submitted by notnek on
These animals have been tested,confined and tested again, so what is the problem. We are aware of the excuse and can only let our minds go where they may why these Ranchers (wink wink) fight to keep these wonderful healthy Bison from Indians nations. Could it be if there were no Bison that they (ranchers) hopefully could rent cheap grass?? Or is it just more The Right of Discovery that Indians have no right to life or property. Boggles the mind these endless attacks. Do you suppose Ted Turner has a hand in all of this?? The rest of the herd is on his ranch.

etsikona's picture
Submitted by etsikona on
All those ranchers need get themselves educated about Bisons. There is no known proof of Bison spreading any disease to cattle or other live stock. I cannot believe that is the excuse they are using to prevent the move of these Bison to better location where they will be safe, cared for and will thrive. There has to be other reason's, most likely one that has to do with money that could come to their pocket's as Bison seems to be the new "hunting" frenzy and "head" trophy seeker's way of having fun. Surprised they haven't been fighting to get them moved onto their own ranches.