OTTAWA, ON - MARCH 31: Murray Porter attends the 2012 JUNO Awards Gala on March 31, 2012 in Ottawa, Canada.

Juno Award to Mohawk Blues Pianist Murray Porter


And the Juno for Best Aboriginal Album of the Year goes to ... Murray Porter. The Turtle Clan Mowhawk's jazz pianist's unique mix of sounds on Songs Lived & Life Played got him the top spot in the aboriginal category at the 41st annual Juno Awards, Canada's version of the Grammys, on Saturday March 31.

Porter won out against four other groups and artists.

Unlike with the U.S. Grammy Awards, the Native category has not been eliminated.

"With host William Shatner keeping things fun and light and performances from Nickelback, Hedley, Simple Plan and Feist—the best in Canadian music had its well-deserved night in the spotlight!" MTV News reported.

Teen sensation Justin Bieber, as expected, received the Juno Fan Choice award for the second year in a row, the Associated Press said.

A reviewer for the Aboriginal Multi-Media Society website wrote that “Murray Porter is a song writer first and foremost and every song is instantly enjoyable, easy to listen to in almost any setting. … This album satisfies the hunger for more Murray Porter music, though I hope Porter recognizes 16 years is way too long to wait for the next fix.”

Here's some more of his music.

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