Natives at Penn celebrate their third annual pow wow

Natives at Penn Celebrate Third Annual Pow Wow on University of Pennsylvania's Campus


Natives at Penn is a group that "aims to celebrate Native American heritage and to increase visibility and awareness of native cultures on the University of Pennsylvania campus," the Daily Pennsylvanian reports, and they did so in style this past weekend.

The third annual Natives at Penn Pow Wow was held at the Wynn Commons this past Saturday afternoon, drawing performers from around the country. It was a day of firsts for many spectators on hand, such as freshman Caroline Kee, co-chair of Natives of Penn, who a member of Choctaw Nation.  "I always knew what it was and that it was a huge deal in Native culture, but never got to experience it until toda,” Kee told the Pennsylvanian.

The pow wow as pulled together largely due to the work of Kee and three other freshmen, quite an achievement.  Fellow freshman Talon Ducheneaux, however, said attending pow wows is something he has done countless times.  Growing up in South Dakota, Ducheneaux said he went to "more pow wows that I can count."

The pow wow's main performers included The SilverCloud Singers, a New York City based intertribal singing and dance troupe. Another highlight was the Navy Color Guard from Benjamin Franklin High School's junior ROTC program, who came to "honor the Native Americans as well as the lives of American veterans."

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