First Nations at University of Washington, 40th Annual Spring Powwow

Pow Wow Weekend Planner


Looking for a good pow wow to put on your weekend calendar? Perfect! We have put together a great list pow wows happening all over the nation!

If one of these events are located near you, we suggest you head on over and enjoy some thrilling dances, lively musical performances, and, of course, delicious traditional foods!

Gulf Coast Tia-Piah, Texas

When & Where: April 20th – 21st at the Albert V. Sallas County Park in New Caney, Texas.

Celebrating its 34th year, the Gulf Coast Tia-Piah will kick off at 7pm on Friday and 2pm on Saturday with dancing. Dancers are from all over the country including Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and more. Admission is free but seats are limited so get there early or bring your own chair! For more information about this event, click here.

Contact: Dave Bang 713.475.0221 or Ted Weatherly 281.842.8972;

8th Annual Big Spring Powwow, Texas

When & Where: April 21st – 22nd in the Dorothy Garrett Coliseum, Howard College in Big Spring, Texas.

Held in the Dorothy Garrett Coliseum at Howard College, this powwow will start at 10AM on Saturday and Sunday. Vendors will be selling authentic Native American goods and foods like frybread. Your MC will be Tim Harjo. For more information about this event, click here.

Contact: Robert Downing 432.263.3255;

5th Annual Benefit Rio Rancho Public Schools Pow Wow, New Mexico

When & Where: April 21st at the Rio Rancho High School in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.

Now in it’s fifth year the Rio Rancho Public School of New Mexico will be donating “a percentage of the proceeds from the annual Pow Wow are used to fund the district’s Native American Summer Academy, which is designed to integrate Native American culture with core subject areas. This program focuses on instilling a sense a unity and community among urban native youth along with providing an educational, cultural and enriching experience,” according to their site. For more information about this event, click here.

Contact: Victoria Tafoya 505.896.0667 ext. 127

41st Annual First Nations Spring Powwow, Washington

When & Where: April 20th – 22nd at the HEC Edmundson Pavilion in Seattle, Washington.

This weekend event is known at the University of Washington as “the largest student-run event on campus bringing in an average of 8000 people every year,” according to their site. Admission is free but there will be plenty of vendors selling authentic Native American works and foods like Indian Tacos! There will also be tons of dancing. Dances will include Men’s Grass, Women’s Jingle, and Tiny Tots! For more information about this event, click here.

Contact: Victoria Plumage 425.563.8285;

14th United Cherokee Pow Wow and Festival, Alabama

When & Where: April 20th – 22nd at the Nation Guard Armory in Guntersville, Alabama.

This powwow will begin at 8AM each day and will be chocked full of festivities. Activities will include dancing, singing, tomahawk throwing, archery, and more. Sunday will even include a Powwow Princes contest! For more information about this event, click here.

Contact: Gina 256.582.2333;

For a look at our full list of powwows happening this year, check our powwow listings page here.

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