Ted Nugent says he was unaware he had met his seasonal limit of bear kills.

Ted Nugent Pleads Guilty in Alaska Bear Hunting Incident


Celebrity gun-rights advocate and rocker Ted Nugent pleaded guilty on Tuesday to violating a hunting law in Alaska.

"I would never knowingly break any game laws," Nugent said in court, according to the Alaska Daily News. "I'm afraid I was blindsided by this, and I sincerely apologize to everyone for this."

The ADN story explains that the case hinged on Nugent's misunderstanding of a hunting law. In 2009, he wounded a bear while bow hunting, then went on to kill another bear during the same season. The second bear was killed on Sukkwan Island, where the hunting limit is one bear per season, and the bow-hunting incident had fulfilled Nugent's quota.

This is Nugent's second run-in with authorities within the space of a week; last Thursday he was questioned by the Secret Service over controversial remarks made about the coming election season.

Nugent will have to pay a $10,000 fine for his illegal bear kill, and is banned for one year from hunting in Alaska or on U.S. Forest Service properties.

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