Singers Dey & Nite wil rock Stage 49 at the Gathering of Nations

Identical Twins Dey & Nite Will Rock Gathering of Nations Stage 49


The Gathering of Nations, one of the world's largest pow wows, is finally here.  As Albuquerque, New Mexico is filled with more than 500 tribes and up to 100,000 attendees, we thought we'd highlight some of the incredible artists who will be performing on Stage 49.

The Gathering has been celebrating American Indian culture since 1983, blossoming into one of the premiere events to showcase Native talent in the arts. Stage 49, located in the University of New Mexico's basketball arean "The Pit," gives these incredibly varied performers the platform they need to spread their abilities to the masses.

Today we're taking a look at Dey & Nite, identical twins from Gallup, New Mexico, who began playing piano at nine and who wrote their first song together, "Baby Never Leave Me," at fourteen (one wonders who the 'baby' they're referring to at that tender age).

Their loving family, a Mexican American father and Spanish/Arapaho mother have watched their daughters become incredible performers, who will take to Stage 49 and wow the thousands who will be on hand to hear them sing.

Dey & Nite have toured the world, and were the sole back-up singers for platinum female artist Hilary Duff during her "The Dignity Tour."  On Stage 49, however, they are front and center.

Enjoy, and come back to Indian Country Today Media Network for more amazing Native artists.

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