Celebrating Mothers and Aunties—Send Us Your Favorite Memories for Posting


Mother’s Day is upon us. Last year Indian Country Today Media Network asked for, and got, your favorite stories, shout-outs and memories about your moms—you told us what you love best about her. This year we’re celebrating aunties as well!

Please do the same for your aunties as well as your moms, and post your comments by Friday morning so we’ll have time to select our favorites to share on Saturday and Sunday.

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lindsey2's picture
Submitted by lindsey2 on
The first time my Mom fixed frybread... It was for my 13th birthday (she'd been married to someone who oppressed our Native culture and wouldn't let us take part whatsoever..naturally there was a divorce). I'd had frybread before, but never my Mom's, and it was soooo good. There were a bunch of people over for my birthday..council members and elders mainly.. and they all ranted and raved over her frybread too, joking that it was "Jesus Frybread" just like from Smoke Signals. One of the elders even held his piece up and dramatically ripped it in half, immediately refusing to share. The smile on her face was so radiant that day. And it made me so happy; it's still one of my most memorable birthdays to date, all because of the love she put into making frybread for me the first time.

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Submitted by angelacherny on
My Aunties Linda and Shirley are very special. Both my Mother and Father have passed and they have jumped in to fill a void for us. They are active in our family events, have created close friendships with us and provide us with a link to our family that we would sorely miss if they were not there. Linda Doxtater and Shirley Hottenstein are their names and they are beautiful, wonderful women, and I for one wish them the best Mother's Day in the world!

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