NIGC Rules Against Kialegee's Controversial Red Clay Casino

NIGC Rules Against Kialegee's Controversial Red Clay Casino


The National Indian Gaming Commission has ruled the Kialegee Tribal Town does not have the right to proceed with their planned Red Clay Casino on a privately owned Indian allotment in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, reported

The commission determined the plot of land does not belong to them, U.S. Rep. John Sullivan said in a press release. The parcel is allotted to the Muscogee (Creek) Nation. While the Kialegee is a branch of the tribe, it has been argued that gaming cannot occur on Indian land that does not belong to the exercising tribe.

"I direct the Kialegee Tribal Town not to commence gaming under IGRA on the proposed site, whether the operation is tribally or individually owned," NIGC chairwoman Tracie Stevens wrote in a letter to Kialegee Chief Tiger Hobia. The solicitor general at the Bureau of Indian Affairs agreed with the decision, she said.

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We here at North American Intertribal Missions have since 1988 stressed many times over that the "worst thing to happen to Native America--may not be Columbus----but may very well be the 'Indian Gaming Act'"-------but then,;"Columbus was taking a gamble when he set sail"---it didn't pay off very well for him or any of his shipmates after all was said and done; most of them died poor or just died trying to become rich". "Wealth is fleeting and can be lost in one single moment; true strength is eternal, without comparison without price" Scottish Highlander Quote * *Native America could learn much from the Scots; they have been fighting foreign oppression and occupation since the Roman era; back when all those folks still thought the earth was "flat"; they have not won their independance yet----but they have not finished resisting either.I am very proud of my "half Scottish ancestry"----of "Clan McGregor" thank you "Much water doth wear the stone" ----------"William (Billy) Shakespear" Thank you for your valuable time. Husband of Moonlight