"John," whose property contains 12,000-year-old mammoth bones, hefts a femur.

Blackberry Hunt Leads to Mammoth Bones on Oskaloosa Farm


They went out to find blackberries and instead unearthed a mammoth femur, its knee joint the size of a soccer ball.

So far 30 mammoth bones have been found on this farm in Oskaloosa, Idaho, according to ABC News. Much of the skeleton seems to have been undisturbed, the Associated Press reported, making it an exciting find for scientists.

The family who found them—a father and his two sons—called in paleontologists to do a proper excavation. One of them estimated the bones were 12,000 years old.

The man who found the skeleton would only identify himself as “John” so as to protect his property, and the site. He has been finding bones for two years.

According to the AP, University of Iowa scientists will spend the summer excavating the site, scanning it with ground-penetrating radar to see where any other mammoth remains are buried.

Below, the landowner talks to ABC News.

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