JOB: Physical Sciences Instructor at Chief Dull Knife College

JOB: Physical Sciences Instructor at Chief Dull Knife College



Science Instructor – Physical Sciences

Starting Salary Range- $26,250 – 50,000 (Dependent on Education and Experience)  for 9 month appointment

Selection Committee SCI

Chief Dull Knife College

Post Office Box 98

Lame Deer, Montana 59043



General Job Description: The Science Instructor will teach science courses as qualified. Ability to teach a variety of 100 and 200 level life and physical science courses depending on applicants background . Teaching responsibilities include the revision  and up-dating of existing courses, development of new courses as necessary, and the incorporation of new technologies and teaching strategies in the classroom. Additionally, the instructor will serve as academic advisor for students interested in majoring in  science.

QUALIFICATIONS: Education: Appropriate Bachelor’s degree in science area.

Master’s degree in science is preferred.

Experience: Two years of high school or college science teaching experience is

preferred. Teachers with experience working with Native American students are preferred.

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