Solar Dynamics Observatory/NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Venus bids adieu to sun in the last transit until 2117.

Transit of Venus Afterglow: NASA Time-Lapse Video


The 2012 transit of Venus wowed millions worldwide, as predicted, and NASA copiously recorded it. Here is the Venus transit in all its glory, photographed by the Solar Dynamics Observatory of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and set to appropriately dramatic music.

Don't forget to check out all of ICTMN's transit of Venus coverage, including how the Mayans viewed Venus, and how the ancient Native Hawaiians helped Captain Cook chart the planet's course across the sun in the 1800s in the last transit. Now that it has crossed the sun, Venus has moved from evening star to morning star and will be seen before dawn instead of just after dusk. The once-in-a-lifetime moment will not come this way again until 2117.

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