Watch This Giant Squid Get Gnawed on by Blue Shark


It all started when rock star big-game fisherman Al McGlashan went out seeking tuna and swordfish. Instead he found the rarely seen, apparently fresh carcass of a giant squid.

"In all my time on the water—and I've spent 200-plus days out there—I've never seen anything like it," McGlashan told GrindTV of the deep-sea animal that is thought to have originated the concept of sea monsters.

It's also unusual to find a recently deceased squid, he told the Daily Telegraph, as they normally are rotting and smelly by the time they are discovered. This one, however, appeared to have had a recent run in with what was probably a sperm whale, he said.

"Most giant squid remains are smelly and rotten and just off-white by the time someone finds them," McGlashan told the newspaper.

Warning: The content is a bit graphic.

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