Black bear at Lake Louise, Alberta, in the Canadian Rockies.

Bear Eats Murderer’s Remains, Gets Death Penalty


Convicted Canadian murderer Rory Nelson Wagner not only got his just desserts but also was dessert, as a black bear snacked on his already-dead body after dragging it from a car.

The 53-year-old’s mauled body was discovered in British Columbia outside a 1986 Volkswagen Jetta that the bear apparently broke into and dragged him from, CNN reported. Police said he had been dead when the bear found him, but they euthanized the animal for fear that it could be a danger to others, given that Wagner’s body had not decomposed enough to give off a scent indicating he was not alive.

Wagner’s car was found within a mile of homes and campsites, the Canadian Press said.

Wagner was one of three people convicted of murdering a man in 1993 whom they thought had sexually assaulted a family member, according to the Associated Press and other sources. He pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in 1994, served his time and was out on parole, the Canadian Press reported. Wagner was living in Kamloops, British Columbia, when he was reported missing on May 23. Police told the AP that his death did not appear to be suspicious.

Last year, wildlife officials issued warnings in Montana and Colorado as bears emerged from hibernation early. And in July 2011 a Xaxli'p First Nation elder was mauled to death by a bear in British Columbia.

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