Jd's Fiddle #2 by Jd Challenger. A statement about the piece on his website reads, "Music is a universal language. Without music there is no foundation for life. I play drums, fiddle, guitar, and banjo. I love to donate my art to help people. I believe in giving back."

The Painted Violins of Santa Fe


For a fund-raiser for the Santa Fe Symphony, over 50 artists were asked to decorate, transform, or otherwise mess about with a violin to produce a unique work of art. The artists met the assignment head-on, and the resulting pieces are beautiful and intriguing, many of them telling stories of the diverse cultures of the American southwest.

The violins will be auctioned off in October, with proceeds going to the Santa Fe Symphony. Photographer Cynthia Whitney-Ward was invited to the home of fund-raiser co-chairs Harriet and Karl Schreiner, which was packed with a dazzling array of beautified, funked-up violins. These photos are from Whitney-ward's blog; visit Chasing Santa Fe for many more.

For more information on the violns and the auction, visit paintedviolinssantafe.org.

All photos copyright Cynthia Whitney-Ward.

Gregory Lomayesva

Gregory Lomayesva, "A Study of the Letter F"

Cavan Gonzales Amado Pena

Left to right: Cavan Gonzales, "Stars in the sky;" Amado Pena, "Dos Artesanos"

Jim Vogel

Jim Vogel, "Serenade of the Deadly Nightshade"

Lawrence Baca David Bradley Terri Reeves Dennis Esquivel

Left to right: Lawrence Baca, "The Silver Violin 'Apres un Reve;'" David Bradley, "Song of the Wind;" Terri Greeves and Dennis Esquivel, "Ode to the Metis Fiddlers"

Ken Williams and Dallin Maybee

Ken Williams and Dallin Maybee, "Music from the Plains"

Robert Tenorio

Robert Tenorio, "Music of the Great Thunder Bird"

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