The Ashland Creek Fire, burning on the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation, had consumed more than 110,000 acres as of June 28 and was uncontained.

Northern Cheyenne Reservation Burning, in Photos


The Ashland Creek fire on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation outside Billings, Montana, continued to rage on Wednesday and Thursday, with no sign of containment, authorities said.

As it surpassed 110,000 acres on Wednesday, three towns were evacuated and the people taken to Lame Deer 21 miles away, according to KULR TV in Billings. But Lame Deer is without power, so 700 people were crowding into the shelter there looking for food and other assistance.

"We've had quite a few families that are actually displaced," Geri Small, of the Boys and Girls Club of Northern Cheyenne, to the television station. "Their homes burned, and they don't have nothing. Some don't even have their shoes on."

The reservation was calling for monetary donations to go toward essentials. The Red Cross of Montana is accepting donations on behalf of the reservation, as is the Boys and Girls Club of the Northern Cheyenne Nation, according to KULR.

Below are more photos of the fire, which started on the reservation and was reported on June 26. More on the wildfires ravaging the western U.S. is here.

Ashland Creek fire-Harris2
Ashland Creek Fire-Harris
Cheyenne fires-Harris

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