Gwich’in Gathering Set for July 23-27 in NWT

Gwich’in Gathering Set for July 23-27 in NWT


In its ongoing search for innovative approaches to issues of culture, the border, climate and international concerns, the Gwich’in Nation is summoning all to its biennial Gwich’in Gathering in Fort McPherson, NWT, Canada, from July 23–27.

“Since 1988 the people of the Gwich’in Nation have gathered in solidarity as a people to protect the Sacred Place Where Life Begins, Iizhik Gwats’an Gwandaii Goodlit, the calving and nursery grounds of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge,” the group’s summoning letter reads. “This will be a time to meet new people and visit with friends and relatives, enjoy traditional foods, music and dancing.”

The event will be hosted by the Tetilit Gwitch’in Council. For more information e-mail or Donielle Carroll at

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