Praise for Crazy Horse

Praise for Crazy Horse


In a July 2 column on Truthdig, Chris Hedges lavishes praise on Crazy Horse, the Oglala Lakota war leader, for the way he lived his life. Hedges calls on his audience to fight current corruption like Crazy Horse fought for his freedoms.

"There are few resistance figures in American history as noble as Crazy Horse. He led, long after he knew that ultimate defeat was inevitable, the most effective revolt on the plains, wiping out Custer and his men on the Little BigHorn," Hedges says in his column.

To further drive his point home, Hedges quotes from Ian Frazier's book Great Plains: "Even the most basic outline of his life shows how great he was because he remained himself from the moment of his birth to the moment he died; because he knew exactly where he wanted to live, and never left; because he may have surrendered, but he was never defeated in battle; because, although he was killed, even the Army admitted he was never captured; because he was so free that he didn’t know what a jail looked like."

Hedges ended his piece by saying Crazy Horse's "ferocity of spirit remains a guiding light for all who seek lives of defiance."

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