President Barack Obama addressed the packed gymnasium at the Green Run High School on a campaign stop in Virginia on July 13.

Presidential Campaign Heats Up in the Battleground of Virginia

Vincent Schilling

Virginian’s are beginning to see some Presidential campaign heat as President Barack Obama made three stops in Virginia on July 13, while former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani campaigned on behalf of Mitt Romney in Virginia Beach on July 12.

Since becoming a democratic blue state when President Obama won the state in 2008, the historically Republican red state of Virginia since 1964, is now considered to be by many a large deciding factor or veritable swing state in the 2012 election.

At the Green Run High School in Virginia Beach, Obama’s first stop on Friday, the President, who was joined by Senator Mark Warner and Senator hopeful and former Virginia Governor Tim Kaine, told his supporters, “I don’t suppose you have seen any advertising on TV? We are seeing more money spent than any time in history a lot of the money is from undisclosed folks who can write $10 million dollar checks. Most of these ads are negative.

“But politics doesn’t seem to get what is going on in your lives; there is so much negativity and so much cynicism it is understandable that people may think this is not speaking to me in my community. But In 2008, a lot of folks did not believe in the possibility for change. The reason we came together is not because of a sure thing it is because we shared a set of values.”

Amidst chants of four more years, President Obama expressing the need for voters in Virginia said, “When we win in Virginia, were going to have won the election.”

Giuliani in Virginia

When in Virginia Beach, Giuliani campaigned at the VFW Post 392 to a room full of Virginia veterans and their families. Giuliani told the room, that the President had the Hampton Roads region in his crosshairs. “He can do more damage to you than he does to most of the rest of America if we should make the mistake of re-electing him because the cuts he has in mind for our military are devastating.” He stated the cuts would result in the loss of thousands of jobs in Virginia.

Also concerned about gaining votes from the state, Giuliani said if someone from California or New York comes up to me and says they are going to vote for Obama, I say please do, because it won’t matter. “But, you live in a state that really, really counts,” said Giuliani, “if you come up to me and say you are voting for Obama, I get nervous.”

After President Obama and Mayor Giuliani stopped in Virginia Beach both went on to other sites in the state. President Obama made stops in Hampton and Glen Allen on Friday, while Giuliani made another stop in Henrico County.

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