Pups from the Huckleberry wolf pack, in Washington State, so named for the mountain on which the pack was found. They are the seventh of eight wolf packs confirmed in Washington and may soon be off the endangered species list.

Eighth Wolf Pack in Washington State Moves It Further From Endangered Status


Wildlife authorities in Washington State have discovered an eighth wolf pack, identified after its alpha male was tagged and a pup captured.

Named the Wedge Pack, it brings wolves one step closer to being knocked off the state’s endangered species list, KING 5 News reported out of Kettle Falls, in northeastern Washington. The discovery comes on the heels of the June identification of wolf pack number seven, according to the Associated Press. That one, dubbed the Huckleberry pack, was discovered in Sevens County, which is north of the Spokane Indian Reservation, AP reported.

According to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW), wolves also attacked sheep in northeast Washington in June. A remote camera (see below) documented five gray wolf pups just north of the Spokane Indian Reservation, according to a media release from the agency.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) has already removed wolves from the federal list in Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin. These are in addition to the Nc’icn pack, which was documented on the Colville Confederated Tribes Reservation in June, the USFWS said.

State wildlife officials are offering reimbursement to livestock owners if their animals are subject to depredation, according to a report in the Statesman Examiner newspaper. Montana and Minnesota are already allowing limited wolf hunting if livestock is endangered, with Idaho not far behind.

Here is brief footage of the Huckleberry wolf pack.

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Submitted by kristilloyd on
This pack is targeted to have 4 MORE wolves killed due to one rancher whose cows meandered into the national forest. The evidence is NOT clear that the cows were killed by wolves. If 4 more wolves are killed that will most certainly mean the end of this pack...AND this pack has pups. One non-breeding female has already been killed, this rancher absolutely refuses to use any non-lethal deterrents, is refusing compensation and has said he will poison or shoot these wolves himself if WF&W doesn't do it. WF&W has said nothing about the fate of these pups, will they go to zoos? Can you find out about this please? Thank you.