Keres Consulting Graduates From Nine-Year SBA 8(a) Program


Keres Consulting, Inc. (Keres), a Native-owned general management consulting firm in the environmental, energy, sustainability and real property sectors, has successfully completed the U.S. Small Business Administration’s (SBA) 8(a) Business Development Program.

The company received its 8(a) designation in July 2003 and today graduated from the nine-year program with average annual revenues of $6 million and 50 employees nationwide.

“Nine years ago, we entered into the SBA’s business development program as a very small business. Today, we are strong company with major federal projects, offices in three states, and a history of successful project experience to carry us forward. The future is bright for Keres!” said President and CEO Tim Chavez.

Keres, founded in 2001, provides services to federal, state and tribal entities. Among its numerous projects, Keres has worked with more than ten federal agencies, including the U.S. Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, General Services Administration, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Coast Guard and Department of Energy, as well as various tribal governments.

While Keres’ designation as an 8(a)-certified company is no longer applicable, the company will retain its Small Business, Small Disadvantaged Business, Minority-owned, and Native American-owned statuses. Similar to the 8(a) program, these designations allow Keres to compete for federal work in smaller competitive pools and assist federal agencies and prime contractors in fulfilling small business and minority-owned business goals.

The company is currently exploring federal agency mentor-protégé programs to continue its growth in the federal marketplace.

The 8(a) Business Development Program is a business assistance program created to help small disadvantaged businesses compete in the American economy and access the federal procurement market. The program offers a broad range of support to its participants, including mentoring, procurement assistance, business counseling, training, financial assistance, and other management and technical assistance.

“Our graduation from the 8(a) program marks an important milestone in Keres’ history,” said Chavez. “We achieved this milestone through the fervent, diligent and dedicated efforts of a truly phenomenal workforce. I extend my sincere appreciation to all Keres employees—past and present—for their contributions in reaching this graduation day.”

More information about Keres Consulting is available at

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thechief's picture
Submitted by thechief on
Congrats! I have always thought it is weird that Alaskan Native Corps and Tribal Enterprises can stay as 8(a) even though they exceed the net worth requirements of individuals. From what I see some of the ANC's and tribal enterprises are just being taken advantage of by non-indians to get big federal contracts. It almost seems like the program needs to be reworked because by the time you have the experience and resources for big government contracts you get kicked out because you are worth too much.

michelleshiningelk's picture
Submitted by michelleshiningelk on
Great story...very inspiring to an Indian woman who has been working as a small business. Congratulations on all of your successes.