Proposal to Allow Private Casinos in Oregon Makes November Ballot

Proposal to Allow Private Casinos in Oregon Makes November Ballot


Oregon residents will vote on a proposal to allow non-tribal casinos to operate in the state on the November ballot.

The Secretary of State's Office certified the initiative on Friday, reported the Associated Press. The measure would remove a ruling in the Oregon constitution that only tribally owned casinos are permitted in the state. Oregon tribes operating the state's nine casinos have pledged to fight attempts to repeal Oregon's ban on non-tribal gambling facilities.

The amendment includes some restrictions on non-tribal casinos. Each proposed gaming facility would require voter authorization throughout the state and in the city where it would be located. Additionally, it must be built at a 60-mile distance from the nearest tribal casino, reported

The measure is primarily sponsored by two Lake Oswego businessmen, Matthew K. Rossman and Bruce Studer, who are pushing for a private casino at the former Multnomah Kennel Club in West Villge, outside Portland. Plans call for a casino with 3,500 slot machines and 150 card and roulette tables, a hotel, a theater and a fun park featuring a giant water slide, reported the Willamette Week.

A similar initiative introduced by the pair was added to the ballot in 2010 and rejected by a 68 percent to 32 percent vote. That year, the backers poured $2.3 million into their campaign efforts.

This year's intiative is again financed by Clairvest, a Canadian investment firm that specializes in gambling.

What's changed since 2010? According to the Willamette Week, Rossman and Studer have forgone plans to create a monopoly on private casinos, and they have reworked how they would share gambling revenues with education and interest groups.

But the greatest change in strategy is Studer and Rossman have stepped down from the role as spokespersons for the campaign, and instead rely on Anna Richter Taylor, the former spokeswoman for ex-Gov. Ted Kulongoski. She is now an employee of Gallatin Group, a lobbying and consulting firm.

Interestingly, for most of the past decade, Gallatin advised the Grand Ronde tribes, owners of the state's largest casino, Spirit Mountain. But Gallatin has switched teams, and Grand Ronde spokesman Justin Martin told the Willamette Week he’s “very disappointed" by their decision, calling it "somewhat of a surprise.”

“We had a long relationship with Gallatin,” Martin told the newspaper.

Rossman and Studer also added two more key players to their side: Portland political consultant Mark Wiener, who specializes in campaign mail, and Kevin Looper, a veteran campaign strategist who primarily works on ballot measures.

While the November ballot will include the new measure, elections officials are currently reviewing signatures on a separate ballot initiative that would ratify the Wood Village proposal.

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Submitted by husbandofmoonlight on
We here at North American Intertribal Missions-"NAIM"- have contended since the "Indian Gaming Act" passage that the worst thing to happen to Native America was NOT Columbus/and the Christians---but the "IGA". It has created a "monster" of seperation between the "Nations" that has proved to be the most disasterous in our ancient history. It would be foolish of Native America to believe that the criminal and corrupt US Government and the 'majority of its population' being criminal, that they would 'honor' THAT aspect of their dealings with the tribes---while they dishonor all of the OTHER aspects of their treaties with the tribes. Only a fool would believe such preposterous concepts. The vast majority of the American people 'seem' very satisfied to have their nation be considered by the entire world as a 'criminal nation' (otherwise they would have done something about it by now)----and they seem to truly believe that they are 'exempt' from the same 'penalties' that the preceeding 'criminal nations' of history have paid for their criminality. A common act of arrogant stupidity that the other criminal nations have made all throughout history. The sooner the "tribes" loose their casinos and the absolutely corrupt monies they render; the sooner the 'tribes' will realize their only hope for continued existence is to be truly free nations---instead of "domestic dependent nations"----and Prisoners of War. That Native America in general relys on the concept of "tribal identity" instead of the scientific reality that "all" of the Native American Peoples share the same DNA--making them truly "relatives" has prohibited them from "standing in unity and solidarity" against the Anglo European Invasion----and especially the ugly religions they brought with them. This caused the failure to bring their "peoples" to a collective and organized resistence and true independence. In reality, all tribes are "inventions" of their "people/members" and were 'invented' to create disunity in the majority and favor the participants. Until Native America stands in true unity----as a "whole people"---related by ancestry that dates as far back (so far) as 15thousand years; they will be "prisoners of war in their own homeland"; and never truly free. Another fantastic 'irony' is simply this; 'Casinos' do not operate to cater to the "winners"---they operate to cater to the "loosers". Taking into consideration that the "gaming enterprises" of the USA generate more than 180 billion each year (those figures are old---but close enough for this forum) while the same "nation of loosers" will admit to 10 million hungry children EACH DAY (in a nation that brags about being an 'agricultural icon') is a clear indicator of their "warped" intellects and concepts and Native America would be wise to "disassociate with those loosers as soon as possible". The "USA and its criminal population" are on the very brink of their own self destruction----Native America has a wonderful opportunity to divest ourselves of this pestilence and the illegal occupation of our ancestral territory by such 'loosers' who will not keep their word, and love to live their 'lies' of "freedom and democracy"---while they cheat everyone they deal with; make illegal wars all over the planet; and leave behind them death and destruction EVERYWHERE they go----- for generations afterward. The fact that the "tribes" which 'own casinos'; agree to a collective income tax of 63% on those revenues generated by those "gaming facilities"; while that same government owes the Native Peoples of the USA (collectively) trillions of dollars from the theft of more than 60% of their geography----- is yet one more indication of the obvious: corruption is contagious; and Native America caught a "big dose" of corruption from those 'AEI's'-(Anglo European Invaders--aka Christian Americans)---the sooner we allow them to "kill each other off" the better our people "collectively" will be. So---YOU GO THERE Oregon-----we hope that your "illegal state"* has a HUGE Casino------and cater to all those "loosers" WHO POPULATE SO MUCH OF THE USA. * All of the 'states' west of the Mississippi; or the "territory" included in the "Louisiana Purchase"----is illegally acquired territory;NOT "purchased", from another corrupt nation "France"; but as a direct result of the USA failing to observe its own constitution's Art 6----"All treaties are supreme law"---the treaties they brought to the tribes when they could not win their illegal wars of aggression against those tribes. The USA will answer to history for their many crimes against humanity,those that were/are committed here in their own country----and ALL over the planet; most likley sooner than later. Native America was given a great test when we were 'accidentally discovered' by what history will no doubt remember as the most corrupt example of humanity; the Judean/Christian Europeans; they would be wise not to allow themselves to be dragged down into that pit of slime with the Americans the descendents of those corrupt Judean/Christian Europeans; we deserve better. History will remember us better for it. "If the USA were any other criminal nation the 'Americans' would invade the USA to keep the world safe; and they would be justified." Good Luck America, you really need it. Thanks for your time. HusbandofMoonolight Comanche/Kiowa/Choctaw (mississippi) and Scottish (of Clan McGregor thank you)