Left, the war shirt worn by Chief Joseph, right, an Iroquois Nationals helmet and their medals

The Week That Was: The Big Stories in Indian Country


Here are some of the big stories that we covered this past week:

-Rob Capriccioso covered how President Obama collected another $1.5 million from Tribal leaders on July 18 at an event at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in downtown Washington D.C.

-Ralph Richardson wrote about how Canada, the U.S. and New Zealand Indigenous groups are going to start an Aboriginal-owned chartered bank in Canada. The Aboriginal financial institution Tribal Wi-Chi-Way-Win Capital Corporation is leading a group of American Indian and First Nations-owned capital corporations to start the bank.

-Our coverage of Justin Bieber's now infamous claim to Rolling Stone Magazine during an interview that he was part Native, and because of this he thinks he could get free gas, certainly garnered lots of comments. Will celebrities ever learn?

-In doomsday news, a second 'end date' was discovered in a Mayan text, only this end date doesn't refer to the end of the world, but rather about ancient political history.

-Our coverage of the Iroquois Nationals run through the World Lacrosse Championships culminated with our bronze medal game coverage, as well as three Nationals players being named to 2012 World Lacrosse Team.  We also shot this video, in which coaches, from the Nationals as well as from Team Australia, reflect on what the Nationals inclusion in this tournament meant.

-Rob Capriccioso's been covering the Interior Department's problems with the law, specifically, with breaking it. They failed to publish a list of federally recognized tribes that was due on January 30 of this year.

-A war shirt worn by the legendary Nez Perce leader Chief Joseph sold for $877,500 at the annual Coeur d'Alene Art Auction in Reno, Nevada. Chief Joseph is seen wearing the shirt in two historic images; the first was in the earliest known photograph of him, taken in 1877 by John Fouch, the second is from a painting of him by Cyrenius Hall from 1878.

-The Colville Indian Reservation declared a state of emergency last week after severe thunderstorms downed trees, caused landslides, closed roads and cut off power in the reservation's four districts.

-Three Native athletes are competing in the Olympic Games in London. We'll be keeping a close eye on them, as we hope you will, too.

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