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Cartoonist Gets Absurdity of the Name 'Redskins,' Dan Synder Still Doesn't


We came across this little comic on, created by cartoonist Scott Hilburn. It depicts the logos of several defunct professional sport franchises, with the logo for what used to be the Montreal Expos expressing disbelief at the continued existence of one particular logo.

We'll let the cartoon do the talking for itself.

It should be noted that all of these logos were put out to pasture because the teams they represented ceased to exist. Going from left to right, you've got the Montreal Expos (with the dialogue bubble), the Seattle Supersonics, the Hartford Whalers, the Minnesota Northstars, the Houston Oilers, the Seattle Pilots, and the Quebec Nordiques. Yet, it should also be noted that another Washington D.C. professional sports franchise changed their name and logo from what was considered an especially incendiary and insensitive moniker—the Washington Bullets (now the Washington Wizards).

Yet the Redskins name somehow lives on. Clearly Scott Hilburn gets how crazy that is...unfortunately the person who should get it, and the person who could change it, simply doesn't, and won't.

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Submitted by larrymoniz on
As a retired journalist, I find this cartoon less that on-point with regard to the article. The teams are defunct for various reasons other than their names/nicknames. Regardless of a sports team's name, if someone wishes to nitpick, they can find objection to even the blandest, most inoffensive of names. Historically, many Indian tribes had enemies and negative names and/or descriptions of them. Today, the tribes have, I hope, done away with such attitudes. We all should thus strive to be more tolerant. The American Indian has a long, rich history and should be proud of its many achievements rather than dwelling on minor slights that are accidental or stem from ignorance. Political correctness by any person or group can be carried to absurd extremes. I hope I haven't offended anyone, but those are my feelings based on nearly half a century as a professional writer and journalist.