Code Talkers Throughout Indian Country Honored

Code Talkers Throughout Indian Country Honored


On August 14, the Navajo Nation celebrated National Navajo Code Talkers Day as did the rest of Indian country. The day began with a proclamation from President Ronald Reagan on July 28th, 1982, designating the day in honor of the code that helped win World War II. But as the National Congress of American Indians points out there were other Indian Nations who were a part of WWII as code talkers.

Fifteen tribal nations in all provided a code that was unbreakable by the Japanese army. Those nations included: Assiniboine, Cherokee, Chippewa, Choctaw, Comanche, Hopi, Kiowa, Menominee, Muscogee Creek, Navajo, Oneida, Pawnee, Sac and Fox (Meskwaki), Seminole, and Sioux (Lakota/Dakota).

As NCAI highlights, the success of the code talkers was such an impressive feat the Navajo Code was classified until 1968 and recognition was given to the Native warriors at a ceremony in Chicago in 1969.

As the states, “Widely acknowledged to be instrumental in the success of every major engagement of the Pacific from Guadalcanal to Okinawa, this brilliant code allowed embattled regiments of Marines to communicate quickly, concisely, and above all, securely. It saved countless lives and helped end the war."

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WWII Oneida Tribal code talkers were?? does anybody know how to find this out?