Wisconsin Garden Dedicated to Recognize Ho-Chunk Ancestral Lands


To commemorate the ancestral lands of the Ho-Chunk Nation, Gunderson Lutheran, a healthcare organization based in La Crosse, Wisconsin, dedicated the 7th Street Healing Garden in Gunderson on August 15.

Construction crews unearthed an Oneota village, artifacts and burial sites in the Gunderson neighborhood in 1991. This was thought to be a fitting way to honor the ancestors of the Ho-Chunk.

"It's acknowledging the ancestors, it's acknowledging the descendants—the people who are living here right now," Gundersen Sustainability Coordinator Tom Thompson told WXOW News 19. "It's just a good bridge-building opportunity for us to be partners… and to celebrate this."

Ho-Chunk leaders hope this helps people remember the Native American history of the area.

"When we talk about a rich history, we talk about our history, our folks," said Jon Greendeer, president of the Ho-Chunk Nation. "I've heard often and always from people I look up to, especially in our cultural areas, that talked about how when our history is left in the area, that's where it's meant to stay.”

To watch the video report, visit WXOW.com.

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