SB 1070 Protest - Phoenix, Arizona

Video: SB 1070 Protest Outside of Hearing

Jorge Martin-Melchor

Opponents of Arizona's immigration law, SB 1070, told a federal judge on Tuesday, August 21, that the measure will result in racial profiling and prolonged detention of Latinos. They are trying to block a United States Supreme Court ruling that allows police to question people about their immigration status during routine traffic stops and the enforcement of other laws. Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer testified at the hearing that she didn't believe the law was racist. U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton didn't rule Tuesday after hearing arguments for both sides.

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Submitted by gsevalikova on
It's so odd to see the subject of secure borders come up with either Republican OR Democrat politicians,when you consider that all powerful countries have strong ,secure borders to prevent easy access from real enemies-something this country NEVER does-yet some want to just profile certain groups only. I'm old enough to remember how dangerous it was to try to leave Russia the legal way,through customs, as well as sneaking away to walk to a third country under barbed wire fences while hoping the border guards never see you in time to grab you. Borders were used mostly to keep people IN and freedom OUT. Jan Brewer needs to concentrate on border security that focuses on hostile nationals,especially now. Give US benefits to legal citizens first,and guard the borders without the race- baiting. Now Putin has beefed up Russia's borders to keep democracy activists out.