Steven Judd Image of the Week: 'Hopi Princess Leia'


Steven Paul Judd, Kiowa/Choctaw, is known primarily as a filmmaker; with writing partner Tvli Jacob he penned and/or directed American Indian Graffiti: This Thing Life (2003), Search for the World’s Best Indian Taco (2010), and Shouting Secrets (2011). Yet he is also a prolific visual artist whose mashups of Native experiences and disposable American pop culture are sly and often downright funny. His creations include paintings, prints, poster art, photography, and t-shirt designs.

Here's how he describes this work on his Facebook page:

"For the last time, my great, great, great-grandmother was a Hopi Indian Princess, that's what makes me a Princess!" - Princess Leia.

Judd recently won two awards for his films in the Classification X category at the 2012 Santa Fe Indian Market.

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