Video: Members of the Iroquois Nationals Share World Championship Experience

Vincent Schilling

There is no mistaking the Iroquois Nationals have been a hot topic this summer. Due to their most recent bronze medal win at the Federation of International Lacrosse 2012 U19 World Championships – The Nationals made history as the first team to beat Team USA (15-13) since the founding of the FIL. After fulfilling what the team describes as a “Historic Goal,” and returning to their prospective home fronts in Indian country (in this case back to the St. Regis Mohawk Reserve in Akwesasne) – Two players, Trey Adams (Goalie) and Ky Tarbell (Attack) and Player Liaison Gabe Oakes took out some time to talk with Indian Country Today Media Network reporter Vincent Schilling. During the interview, the three talked about highlights of their championship bid, their trip to Finland and what’s to come in the future.

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