Scenic Photos From 'Lone Ranger' Set; Bruckheimer Says Film Is Almost Wrapped


The Lone Ranger has easily been the most buzzed about major movie of 2012 in Indian country -- even though it won't come out until next year -- and its producer Jerry Bruckheimer has announced via his official blog that filming is nearly complete:

125 days of shooting seemed to fly by. We dealt with winds up to 70 mph, rain, snow, and even wildfires but nothing has stopped us from filming this incredible movie.

The film is directed by Gore Verbinski (who also worked with Bruckheimer and Depp on some of the Pirates of the Caribbean films) and stars Armie Hammer in the title role. But what's made the movie such a topic of conversation, even debate, is the choice to cast Johnny Depp as Tonto. Yet it's clear that Indian country -- the country itself, in all its scenic beauty -- will be well represented.

Check out the breathtaking photos of Monument Valley that Bruckheimer has tweeted during the filming:

Mar 13: We had snow and temperatures in the 20's Saturday night. Today it's 65 and sunny blue skies. Perfect shooting weather
Apr 16: Reviewing a shot with Gore on a portable video monitor. The footage we are getting is amazing.
Apr 16: Setting up for the next shot while our professional horse wranglers look on from the saddle.
Apr 16: The views here in Monument Valley are absolutely incredible. Like nowhere else in the world.
Apr 16: The iconic John Ford's Point in Monument Valley. Just a short walk from our base camp.
Apr 17: I’ve been to some incredible locations before but Monument Valley is really something else. Lucky to be shooting here
Apr 17: Taking a quick photo of the action down below in Monument Valley
May 9: The view from our hotel a couple weeks ago
May 9: Not much of a cell signal on set the past couple weeks but wanted to share some photos from Monument Valley
May 10: Took a few pictures with set photographer, Peter Mountain. Couldn’t pass up the amazing scenery
May 10: Monument Valley was absolutely incredible. You almost have to see it to believe it
May 18: Another beautiful sunset in Albuquerque. Hope everyone has a great weekend.
Jun 1: Luxury Ride circa 1870
Jun 19: Another great sunset
Jun 19: Don’t worry… The window is supposed to be like that
Jun 20: Here’s how we age our furniture for The Lone Ranger
Jun 22: That wrangler really commands attention.
Jun 22: Working the tracks...
Jul 13: In 100+ degree weather… shade is hard to come by
Jul 13: Cool shot of river running through our shoot location
Jul 19: Just to give an idea of how huge these rocks are. Those 2 crew members in the foreground
Jul 25: Gore watching the action
Jul 26: Long and bumpy road to set
Jul 27: Peter Mountain – Still Photographer for The Lone Ranger. Yes that’s his real name, ironic photo.
Jul 30: Hanging in Video Village with some of the crew
Aug 2: Chopper cam at dusk
Aug 2: It captured some really incredible shots
Aug 9: There was a free-range ranch (with no fences) near today’s shoot. We had some unexpected visitors...
Aug 10: Anyone need some pure gold teeth fillings? I think we have the best prices around…

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Submitted by poopsie on
Absolutely lovely photos! I look forward to seeing the new movie of the Lone Ranger. I saw the original as a teenager!!