Geico Commercial Depicts Christopher Columbus with Speed Boats


Geico, the insurance company famous for running multiple catchy advertising campaigns at once, has added a new one that may ruffle a few feathers in Indian country.

Geico is responsible for the Cavemen advertisements, the Taste Test series, and spots featuring the Geico Gecko. The latest series of advertisements shows people having fun, and proclaims that Geico insurance will make you happier than _____.

The first one we saw proclaimed Geico customers would be happier than a bodybuilder directing traffic. The one below Geico customers will be happier than "Columbus with speedboats."

The advertisement was posted to Geico's Facebook page, and commenters are outraged -- but only some of them because of Columbus' genocidal legacy. The majority are reacting to a Fox News story (via TMZ) about R. Lee Erney claiming he was let go by Geico for criticizing President Obama.

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gsevalikova's picture
Submitted by gsevalikova on
There is a trend that is more of the same- British announcers on TV and radio, British actors taking roles that Americans once got,using american accents for these roles,now insulting low down things like this. Expect more of the same without STRONG protest against ALL of the above.

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Submitted by curtj on
Most whites refuse to admit or acknowledge the policies of colonialism, is nothing but theft and murder and results in terrorism. For centuries, 1st the Europeans, then Americans have invaded weaker countries, to allow and enable freebooters, thieves, murderers and corporations to steal their natural resources and lands for colonization. Today, we still find and manufacture reasons to invade and manipulate assassinations and coups, to destabilize governments, to allow takeover, for 2 bit puppet dictatorship regimes. These murderous dictators are bribed to do anything in their power to keep their people under control while the resource and land theft goes on. So the Indigenous people are subjugated through terror, intimidation, kidnappings, rape and murder. The Americans refuse to admit it is theft and murder and leads to terrorism, because they will be forced to admit to the world that our politicians are colluding with thieves and murderers to keep America invading and propping up dictators, and are thus, themselves, guilty of theft and murder. Christopher Columbus was a lost slaver, rapist and mass murderer who died as a result of syphillis and whose celebration by the whites thoughtlessly ram their policies of theft and murder down the Indigenous throats. And people incensed at the thought of their resources and lands stolen while their people are being terrorized with intimidation, rape, kidnappings and murder, are the ones who commit the "terrorist" attacks against America. Back in the Revolutionary War, the "rebels" were considered heroes to Americans and Tories considered traitors. The rebels in any country are ones who fight against oppression and theft of their resources. How did America end up on the other side? Too used to stealing Indigenous resources and lands, and committing genocide to do it I guess.

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Submitted by Anonymous on
I just saw the add and of course emailed Geico, but this is incredibly offensive