Carolyn Dunn's play 'The Frybread Queen' was presented as part of the Autry's First Look Series in 2010, and played for a two-week run in 2011.

Native Voices at the Autry Issues Annual Call for Scripts


Native Voices at The Autry has issued a call for script submissions for two annual events. The deadline for submission is Friday, September 14.

Native Voices at the Autry is a Native theater company affiliated with Los Angeles' Autry museum, dedicated to cultures of the American west. The deadline applies to submissions for these 2013 events:

Playwrights Retreat and Festival of New Plays: "The retreat/festival brings artists together from across the globe to continue work on a select number of plays through a rigorous directorial and dramaturgical commitment for a week in June, with public presentations at the Autry National Center."

First Look Series: "Selected plays receive a ten-hour workshop and public presentation at the Autry National Center."

Native Voices is seeking full-length playes, defined as 60+ pages, for both events. There are further instructions as well as an invaluable submission checklist at the Native Voices website:

Carolyn Dunn's acclaimed play The Frybread Queen, which ran at the Autry for two weeks in March 2011, saw two public readings in the 2010 First Look Series.

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