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The Na-gu-aub Club was a sewing club in Minneapolis that Gertrude Buckanaga, Upper Midwest American Indian Center director, talks about in the video.

Video Spotlight: Past, Present and Future of Native Americans in Minneapolis


Native elders speak out about conditions in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the past, present and the future. Clyde Bellecourt, of the American Indian Movement, discusses how Indians couldn't even apply for jobs. To get work many would say they were Hispanic or Italian. "That was the conditions that existed," he says.

Gertrude Buckanaga, Upper Midwest American Indian Center director, discusses being the first American Indian to live in south Minneapolis and the racism she encountered in the white neighborhood.

"The racism is still here, but at that time there was no civil rights laws," she says.

The video discusses the establishment of Native American programs in Minneapolis, specifically the south side.

The video was created by Knockout Productions, and posted under MIGIZI Communications on YouTube:

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