Alberta Mounties Will Investigate Aboriginal Petroglyph Damage

Alberta Mounties Will Investigate Aboriginal Petroglyph Damage


The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) are investigating the September 9 desecration of Glenwood Erratic, an ancient aboriginal sacred site in Alberta, Canada.

The sixteen-foot boulder once had petroglyphs and pictograms on it but since vandals attacked it with acid and a drill, all that remains of the historic symbols are holes and discolored patches.

RCMP officers out of Cardston, Alberta, were called in and have visited Glenwood Erratic and are looking into the incident, the Canadian Press reported.

Inspector Joe McGeough told the Canadian Press that investigators will be coordinating with government agencies including Alberta Environment and Parks Canada. "The RCMP is a proud part of Alberta's history and takes these matters very seriously," he said.

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It's soul destroying to read of such foolish crimes.