Mitt Romney Proves Yet Again Just How Out of Touch He Is

Larry Spotted Crow Mann

For a man who prides himself on being a great businessman, Mitt Romney now carries the ignoble distinction of CEO of the most disastrous, chaotic and self-imploding campaign in modern history. In a perpetual drunken kabuki dance, Mitt has staggered, flopped and stumbled all through his presidential run for office. And his latest stupor is a demonstrable example. Mitt certainly has demonstrated he is not up for the job and his latest words illuminate a feckless and disparaging perception of America.

His personal disdain for everyday hard working class Americans became crystal clear in an uncensored rant, in a private meeting with some of his millionaire donors. While bobbing for cash, Mitt unleashed a blistering diatribe on the working class, senior citizens, veterans, disabled and essentially anyone who lives off a median income or paycheck to paycheck. Yes Mitt, this is your 47 percent.

“There are 47 percent of Americans who are with him [Obama], who are dependent on government, who believe that, that they are victims, who believe that government has the responsibility to care for them. Who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing. And so my job is not to worry about those people. I'll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives." —Mitt Romney

His myopic and condescending view of America is perversely skewed to the point where he believes corporations are people and 47 percent of Americans are sitting around waiting for hand outs and will never take personal responsibility for their lives.

This assault on Americans is beyond reprehensible and speaks to a man completely out of touch with reality and lost in a miasma of unhinged profligacy. His complete failure of judgment, character; and lack of willingness to stand for all Americans should give anyone pause who would ever consider voting for him.

But now, after being exposed Mitt goes into a spurious back peddle and alleged in a recent press conference: “He stands for 100 percent of the people.”

Mitt Romney has switched positions on just about everything he purports to stand for. This video is the most candid and unscripted we have ever seen him. But in truth, nobody knows the real Mitt or why he wants to be president. So it would seem what he declares when he thinks people are not listening, and what he utters in public are as wide apart as his covert bank accounts from Sweden to the Cayman Islands.

And not to lose sight of the racist overtones in the video when he said: “He would be better off if he were Latino if he wanted to win the election.” Obviously, appealing to the lowest common denominator in the room of fear, xenophobia and bigotry.

Indeed the more we dig into this video the more it reveals a man who is not ready to be president but also an immature, divisive and avaricious person who will say and be anything to gain power.

Larry Spotted Crow Mann is a writer, performer, Nipmuck cultural educator and citizen of the Nipmuck tribe of Massachusetts. He was applauded for his role in the PBS Native American film, We Shall Remain, directed by Chris Eyre, and In 2010 his poetry was a winner in the Memscapes Journal of Fine Arts. His recent book, Tales from The Whispering Basket continues to receive excellent reviews.

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gsevalikova's picture
Dear Mr. Spotted Crow Mann It is the West's great misfortune to have so many psychopaths in politics-and he's just one of MANY. Most can agree that Native leaders were democratic in their style of leadership, tribal disputes and all. In reality though, this hemisphere was/is caught by surprise in an ongoing battle between East vs West. Democracy is on the ropes as not seen since 1492, and yes the Papal Bulls must still be active, because there is no response from the Vatican to do this, is there? Today we went online to scope out headlines from stevequayle.com, and Asia Times Online (atimes.com) and saw just how awful it is for North America. We are on the verge of two major wars, no joke, and all 330 million of us will be needed to defend this continent!! Don't believe this because of the comment here,but look up the info ASAP.please- and take all steps that apply. Being wiped out AGAIN is what certain kinds of politicos will try to put on you if given the chance-and NOT just whites. That is one sorry myth. Look up "universal caliphate" on Google, and there's some facts waiting. Many Americans of Muslim backrounds are absolutely terrified right now, and because you are the original founders of political freedom here, that AUTOMATICALLY makes Native people targets for the "powers that be" like Romney and his ilk. He's a technofascist hiding behind the Costitution-while it still exists- and really the only hope for America and Canada too,is if Natives run for office. If you go to Times of India(timesofindia.com),and click on "world" there will be articles on China and Japan inching towards war now. And russia Today(russiatoday.com)shows all kinds of overseas news that won't make it past the celeb scandals here. " Managed news" is what we get. BTW I'm first generation from an old,old dictatorship,the Russian Federation,which is still America's cultural rival. And no good person wants a WW3 scenario . We believed in Perestroika once, and thought we'd see a secular democratic republic over there,along with justice against the KGB/FSB, but now there must be an Occupy movement there,like here. plus, the European obsession with taking the Silk Route countries for it's Papal Bull 1493,but getting lost out here with Columbus caused this. Marco Polo and his books accelerated everything, but the media sits on Asia's perspective. Not much time remains to deal.
hjwjc's picture
I don't know if the author knows about Mitt Romney's great grandfather Miles Romney. Go to Arizona's Secret History 2012. According to the article and other sources, Mitt's great grandfather borrowed money from a William Flake for bail money, then he ran off to Mexico. Both were being charged with polygamy. William Flake stayed in Arizona, he did not run, he was tried and spent time in jail, then remained married to his two wives. Logic, is that a man can not be tried twice for the same crime. Miles Romney on the other hand ran off and never paid back the money he owed to William Flake. Does this sound like a man who: SHOULD TAKE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY AND CARE FOR THEIR LIVES. Makes one wonder where Mitt Romney would be if it weren't for that unpaid borrowed money.
gsevalikova's picture
While watching things unfold in Syria and each day worse than the previous,now with the Russian Defense Minister saying that "some foreign states" are causing the violence and death tolls to escalate-he means America,of course- I can't help but ask this- would the Europeans that came to the East Coast have been so eager to wipe out Natives and their population base if they knew that one day the countries they coveted and wanted to seize, via Doctrine of Discovery, would look Westward to go on seek and destroy missions here ??? And that between Salafism and Communism the urge to do this one day could come, because no one thought then Natives were vital to prevent the total destruction of this continent? There is a book we heard of, "Christian Jihad" that really goes into the roots of this from both Islamic and Christian perspectives. Considering that Paul Ryan is an Ayn Rand fanatic,and Romney is an oligarch with militant tendencies you may want to check out the books. There are two books with this title,one is Colonel V.Doner, and the other is by Ergun Mehmet Caner.